Friday, February 17, 2012

Guiltless Polish Soup

Yes, I know that's quite a contradiction. I've been reading the raw food detox diet, and honestly its vegan forcefulness has been making me hungry. My review of the book will be posted once I have tried out the recipes (not everyone can shop at Whole Foods and spend a lot of money on juicers).


This post is about midnight munchers. You feel guilty for eating at night, right? you want to dive into the ramen for dinner because well, its easy. Well if you want to find a low calorie option, look no further. I found the wonders of Polish soup!

Fortunately I live in a neighborhood that sells Polish foods. I was looking in my cabinets and found this beauty Polish vegetable soup. Granted I didn't know how to make it. I boiled some water, pour the contents in, and it smelled like ramen! Add some whole wheat pasta and BAM you got yourself a low calories meal

58 calories per serving!

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  1. wow this sounds amazing! I am glad to be a new follower of yours!